Curly hair loving naturalista from London! I have a serious obsession with all things curly hair and beauty related, so what better way to feed my obsession then to create a blog where I can talk all about it!

From the age of about 16 I decided that I wanted to texturise my hair despite my mum pleading with me not to. I felt that it would make my hair more manageable however the inevitable happened and I ended up relaxing my hair. At 21 I decided to stop relaxing my hair, my hair was short and breaking and my confidence was pretty low. I started by a complete ban on all heat and slowly I began to see my natural curl pattern as the relaxer began to grow out. After the relaxer had grown back I began to use straighteners again until I discovered YouTube and then came a whole new world! I learned things about afro and curly hair I had never known of before and I began learning how to take care of my hair. Now here I am sharing my journey with others and talking about some of the things I have learnt from other alongside some of my own techniques! Hope you enjoy learning with me dolls :)


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