Shea Moisture Blogger and Press Pre Launch Party

Honestly guys I have been trying to write this post for ages and of course here I am a month and a half later finally posting the news! Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for…Shea Moisture has officially arrived in the UK! When I first started my hair journey one of the first products I used was  Shea Moisture and luckily at the time I found some websites that sold it even though it was not officially on retail in the UK! Of course you can imagine my excitement with when my local hair shop began stocking it (even if they did stock it in a glass cabinet or behind the till LOL). On trips to the US I made sure I sought out the best Shea Moisture deals and stocked up ready to take back with me to the UK. Even though I have always been able to somehow get my Shea Moisture fix, I still hated the fact that it wasn’t officially on sale in the UK.

Now fast forwarded to October 2015 and Shea Moisture have finally made us a happy bunch of naturals and launched their range in Boots! Not only have they launched their range in Boots, but they have come to the UK personally to over-see the launch and meet those who have been supporting them from across the pond.

I was lucky enough to bag an invite to the Shea Moisture Blogger and Press Pre Launch Party where we were greeted with canapés and cocktails which I might add were delicious! After stuffing my face (if you know me, you will know I am a food first kind of gal) I headed over to the displays showcasing the different Shea Moisture ranges.


Raw Shea Butter Range


Jamaican Black Castor Oil Range


Of course I saw some of my curlfriends at the event and we made sure we got plenty of photos in!


With the lovely Monique  @solelysentials – photo courtesy of Shea Moisture




Super fruit Complex Range


CMO Emmet Dennis leading the Shea Moisture Presentation

Partner and Chief Marketing Officer Emmet Dennis gave a fantastic speech, introducing Shea Moisture to those who were not familiar with brand. One thing I must say I really felt from the speech was a real sense of family and community. Emmet spoke in length about the brand being more than just a brand but in fact a family and their consumers being a big part of that family. It was refreshing to hear of a real sense of community being at the heart of Shea Moisture and of course this made me love the brand even more! After hearing what Emmet had to say – of course I had to speak to the man himself! I was greeted with a warm hug and myself and some of the other bloggers discussed all things hair and Shea Moisture related with him! Of course I had to ask him about the Shea Moisture make up but I think we might have to wait a little while ladies for that to come to the UK lol!


Myself and Emmet Dennis


Twitter @sheamoistureuk

All in all the event was fun, warm and throughly enjoyable! Of course it helped that there was music, cocktail and yummy finger food ready for all the hungry bellies like me! LOL It was a great introduction to the brand for those that were new to it, and to those that weren’t, it was a great chance to catch up with an old friend! At the end of the night we were handed a lovely goody bag with some Shea Moisture goodies complete with cupcakes!!


If you haven’t had a chance pop into Boots and check it out! Boots recently did a promotion of 2 for 3 on all Shea Moisture products so keep your eyes peeled for future deals!


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